General Tort Liability

man breaks car window

Every business in Mississippi could face a legal liability issue at any time during the course of operations. The circumstances resulting in the legal dispute can vary widely, but all fall under the definition of a general tort unless they are governed by a specific set of laws regarding a certain activity, such as in an automobile accident. The same principles can apply with respect to negligence, including comparative negligence of the claimant. When these issues arise, it is always vital to defend against the claims because a frivolous claim can easily be validated in court by a plaintiff legal counselor when a defendant does not retain legal counsel themselves. These are the times when it is imperative to contact an experienced defense attorney like Markow Walker tort liability attorneys for solid and aggressive representation.

Types of Tort Liability

There are specific types of cases that fall under the general tort category. Those types can involve:

  • Joint liability
  • Third party liability
  • Vicarious liability
  • Parental liability
  • Strict liability

What a Tort Liability Attorney Can Do

Claims from any particular plaintiff are not always valid, and many times the evidence presented is at best borderline. Regardless of the type of claim, your tort liability attorney can investigate all of the evidence provided by the claimant and craft a defense based on a preponderance of the evidence. The burden of proof in a tort liability case is lower than reasonable doubt in criminal cases, but technicalities also carry much more weight in a tort liability case. The claimant attorney must prove the claim with respect to first establishing as fact that the respondent did indeed owe a reasonable duty of care to the plaintiff, and then must prove the respondent’s negligence resulted in the presented legal dispute.

Never attempt handling a general tort liability case personally. Always retain an experienced commercial defense attorney like Markow Walker tort liability attorneys for comprehensive representation.