Premises Liability

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Premises liability injury claims are a legal issue all property owners or businesses would rather not deal with. However, they occur more often than realized. Private property owners have liability concerns as well, and the number of scenarios is practically endless. Defending these injury claims can be a difficult and time-consuming process even when the claims are borderline at best, but established defenses could apply. There are specific requirements for potential plaintiffs when they want to file an injury claim, and the mere fact of location does not always automatically make the property owner or manager liable for the injuries. Many times, it is the claimant themselves who ultimately instigate the injury. How do you defend against this legal situation? The best place to begin is by calling a legal professional like Markow Walker premises liability attorneys to defend the case.

Claimant Responsibilities

Injured parties who want to file an injury claim must prove certain aspects of the case. They first must prove that an injury occurred, and then prove the injury occurred on a specific property that is the responsibility of the respondent. In addition, they must establish that the property manager or owner owed them a reasonable duty of care, and they were negligent in that duty. The mere fact an injury occurred on the property is not sufficient. Your legal defense team at Markow Walker can evaluate the evidence thoroughly and defend against all claims from the plaintiff to reduce your exposure.

Potential Defenses

Mississippi law classifies all premises liability claimants as either an invitee, a licensee, or a trespasser. In short, the property must be occupied legally by the claimant before a claim is validated in most instances. Details of the case can impact the final outcome, but those who do not have a right to occupy the property typically do not have standing for a valid claim. In addition, the law of reasonable assumption of risk could also result in a determination that the claimant was largely responsible for their own injuries.

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Anyone in Mississippi or Tennessee who is facing a potential premises liability lawsuit should contact the legal professionals at Markow Walker premises liability attorneys in offices across the state of Mississippi.