Civil Litigation

civil litigation

A civil litigation case is one in which at least two parties are involved in a legal dispute. The fact that one or more of these parties is attempting to achieve a monetary settlement distinguishes civil litigation from a case involving criminal sanctions.

Civil litigation cases are decided in the courtroom over the course of a trial. A judge and jury decide these cases, so coming prepared with a civil litigation lawyer is always a good idea. A civil litigation lawyer is also called a litigator or, more colloquially, a trial lawyer.

Reasons to Hire a Litigator

Because civil litigation cases can involve so many different areas of law, civil litigation lawyers at Markow Walker can provide you with expert knowledge and counsel that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Many clients aren’t even sure where to begin in terms of depositions and pre-trial hearings, let alone mediation and arbitration. The nuances of dealing with court personnel, procedures, and administrative agencies can be frankly overwhelming if you haven’t done this before.

Broad Experience

Civil litigators provide legal counsel in an an array of different fields, which emphasizes the importance of having an experienced litigator as well as the ubiquitous need for litigators across myriad industries.

Markow Walker civil litigation lawyers work in the following fields: personal injury, product liability, intellectual property disputes, real estate lawsuits, landlord-tenant dispute settlement, workers’ compensation claims, and divorce lawsuits. The commonality across these fields is pursuit of settlement.

An experienced litigator might even be able to achieve a desired settlement before the court case begins. A litigator can also help you broker a structured settlement in which one or more of the parties involved in civil litigation provides periodic payments in the future rather than a lump-sum payment. Contact the offices of Markow Walker today.