Energy Law

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The field of energy law is in a constant state of flux because the laws and policies coming out of the Department of Energy are constantly evolving.

Energy law itself, however, is concerned with the creation, enforcement, and potential overturning of laws that regulate energy use in the United States. The law offices of Markow Walker are the premiere Mississippi energy lawyers at work today.

Understanding Energy Law

Laws and regulation coming out of energy law court cases have implications that resonate with the lives of everyday Americans. Surprisingly, the decisions made in these cases can impact your ability to sell a vehicle or renew your license plate. Energy taxes are also involved every time that you fill up at the pump.

Even turning on the light switch in your home has implications for energy law. The electricity powering that light bulb likely came from a nearby power plant and an electrical grid, which are both governed by some aspect of state and federal energy law. Energy law occurs at the local level as well.

Evolution of Energy Law

The energy laws that most of us abide by today have likely arisen out of the U.S. Department of Energy. Today’s energy laws largely sprang out of a realization that natural resources were, in fact, finite and, secondly, tapping these sources can have deleterious environment consequences.

The Department of Energy is tasked with regulating the use of domestic energy and ensuring national security vis-a-vis shoring up energy procurement and energy R&D for decades to come.

You Need Experienced Counsel

Energy law critically impacts consumers and big energy companies that are eager to tap natural resources and affordably bring those resources to consumers. Energy law often encompasses aspects of property rights.

Having Markow Walker and a team of experienced Mississippi energy lawyers on your side can be a tremendous asset.