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Often, people may have conflicts that they need to resolve, yet they’re reluctant to pursue their dispute in court. An alternative that may be preferable is mediation. While this is a less adversarial situation in comparison to a court hearing, it’s still advisable for each party to enlist the help of Mississippi mediators.

While both parties will attend the mediation hearing together, they rarely speak directly to one another. The informal meeting is conducted by a mediator, who interviews each party. While each side may have an attorney experienced in mediation, such as Markow Walker, P.A., the mediator will be the one to conduct the questioning. Your attorneys will be present simply to ensure the meeting is conducted fairly, and to protect your rights.

After each party makes a statement, the mediator may ask a few questions of each party. This is typically done for the purpose of clarifying specific issues. Once these initial statements are made, the mediator will meet separately with each party and their attorneys. He will typically act as a go-between, helping to arrange an agreement that will be satisfactory to each party. This will usually take time, while the mediator attempts to come up with a solution that gives each party something of value.

If you want to consider mediation, it can help to consult one of Markow Walker’s experienced mediators to tell you more about what you can expect from the process. Contact Markow Walker for a consultation, so you can learn more about this legal alternative.