Trying to Avoid Litigation? What to Do Next

litigationWhether you are an employer having a dispute with an employee, a medical provider with a patient threatening to sue for malpractice, or an insurance carrier that has a policyholder claiming wrongdoing on your part, these situations often wind up in court. However, since this can be costly and lead to large amounts of negative publicity, it is best to avoid litigation if at all possible. Fortunately, there are methods that can be used to do just this. If you want advice about your available (and best) option to avoid seeing your organization embroiled in litigation, here is how Mississippi litigation attorneys at Markow Walker can be of assistance.

Negotiating Settlements
Of course, there situations where a claim is baseless and a strong defense is the only option. However, when attempting to avoid the time and expense of litigation, it may be more desirable to negotiate an out-of-court settlement with the other party. When doing so, this accomplishes two things. Along with eliminating the possibility of a drawn-out court fight, it also often allows your company to settle for less than what a jury might award in damages.

In many disputes between companies and individuals, a lack of clear communication about the issue in question often results in a case going to court unnecessarily. To keep this from happening, you may want to consider mediation. By working with one or Markow Walker’s litigation attorneys, who are trained in and understand this process, it is possible to resolve disputes much quicker and to everyone’s satisfaction.

Rely on Risk Management
For many companies, using risk management techniques can sometimes focus more attention on a potential problem and get it solved before the situation spirals out of control and leads to litigation. By identifying the risk and allocating available resources to solve the problem, litigation can be avoided many times.

To obtain additional legal advice on helping you and your company avoid costly litigation and to reduce your potential exposure, schedule a consultation with the MS litigation attorneys at Markow Walker.