Workers’ Compensation: Importance of Timely Reporting to the Employer

employee injured while workingEmployees who are injured on the job may file for workers compensation to cover medical bills and lost wages incurred as a result of their injuries. These claims can be costly for the employer. Per the statute, employees must timely notify an employer of any injury that may occur in the course and scope of their employment.

It is important that employers train employees in the policies and procedures that should take place after an injury.  This may require the employee to provide notice of the injury to a supervisor or other management personnel.  Otherwise, an employee may simply notify a co-worker of the injury and not realize they have not fulfilled their duty to notify the employer.  

Even if an injury is only minor, the incident should be thoroughly documented.  This includes making notes about how the injury occurred and what body parts were allegedly injured.  A seemingly minor injury can worsen over time and become serious. An incident report completed just after the injury occurs can be useful later if the claimant attempts to add additional body parts to the claim that were not initially reported.

Failure to give notice of an injury is not an absolute bar to recovery in a workers’ compensation claim in Mississippi. However, the failure to timely report the claim can result in a delay in treatment and benefits.  It can also raise red flags for other issues to be investigated.  

Our Mississippi and Tennessee workers compensation lawyers at Markow Walker can help employers and carriers understand potential available defenses for any claim that may be filed.  Early investigation and documentation of any reported injury is important. Contact Markow Walker to speak with one of our workers compensation defense lawyers for advice on how to ensure proper handling of your next claim to limit your exposure and liability.