How to Keep Up with Current Workers’ Compensation Laws as an Employer

workers compensation lawsThe workers’ compensation insurance program in the United States has been in place for many years. Most employers participate in the insurance plan and rarely think about the fact that the laws can change, but the truth is that they can, and they do, on a regular basis. Each workers’ compensation claim is unique in some regard, and the decisions handed down by the judges within each state program can impact how benefits are paid in the future. Mississippi is no different from other states in this respect, and the workers’ comp lawyers at Markow Walker law firm advise all employers that it is important to understand how decisions and changes in the law can impact claims filed by their employees.

Importance of Retaining an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney

One of the best ways to stay informed about important legislative and judicial changes that could influence your future exposure is to retain an experienced workers’ compensation defense attorney, who stays abreast of all recent changes. In Mississippi in recent years, there have been changes to the standard used for the intoxication defense, the amount of benefits owed in work related death claim, how to establish the claimant’s choice of physician, and more.  The legal defense team at Markow Walker can not only keep you up to date on those changes, but also instruct you on how those changes practically effect you and your business.

Jacksonville Mississippi employers should direct any questions they have about how to avoid or reduce exposure for current or future workers’ compensation claims to the legal defense team of workers’ comp lawyers at Markow Walker Law Firm for more information to stay caught up with changes in the workers’ compensation laws in the state.  Our attorneys are also available to advise employers in Tennessee and Louisiana about law changes and judicial decisions that may impact their exposure in the future.